Thursday, 28 January 2016

3D printed bezel for the Nextion LCD display

Prompted by a post on another blog I read I dug out the 2.4" Nextion LCD display and thought I'd give it another go and whilst looking around the Nextion website I found that they'd designed some 3D bezels for the different size displays they do.
Well, as I got a 3D printer at Christmas I thought I would print one out for my display.

The result wasn't too bad. I think the bezel had been designed with some fancy curves on the front edges and because I printed it face down they had quite pronounced bits of filament that had to be removed, I think I will modify the bezel in Tinkercad to make the face flat.
I tried to sand the face a little smoother but the PLA became slightly discoloured from the glasspaper I used.

The rear was quite good with some strengthening ribs included and I found some small screws that made a tight fit and held in the display.

Next step is to make a backing box for the bezel to fit into but I'm waiting until I finalise the design of the project so I know what depth I need in the case.
I got a quote from Shapeways 3D printing service to print this design and it was £7.65 plus postage, although the quality would be better than from my printer I'm quite happy with the quality and I suppose I could also paint it to get a better finish, I'd better google "painting PLA".

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