Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The new Android G1 open source phone

Today saw the launch of the new open source phone, T-Mobile in conjunction with HTC and Google presented the new Android G1 phone in New York.

Having recently bought the new IPhone 3G I must say I've been drooling over the new G1 the interface looks as good as if not better than the IPhone and the best bit of all is that it will be free of the overbearing limitations set by Apple and allow the creation of innovative , and hopefully free, applications, after all the IPhone is still basically crippled as an Internet browser, try watching news clips on the BBC news site ...... IT DON'T WORK ..... %*&£**$!"!%

Due for release in the US in October with a UK release in November it shouldn't be long before the Apple IPhone is really put to the test...........

Sunday, 14 September 2008

More portable batteries

Just came across these portable chargers, for charging mobile phones or anything that will charge using a USB charging lead.

They come in two sizes 2200 and 4400 mAH and they both have a USB socket for the charging output.

They are found here
www.just-mobileonline.com and they do have UK stockists.

Reading a review on iLounge it appears they will charge the Iphone 3G.

Three button WiFi Remote

Using the power control circuit from the Wirelesse door/Window sensor I have designed a simple 3 button WiFi remote with the intention of co...

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