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Hot water Remote Control using a Wemos D1 .... then a Raspberry Pi Zero W

For quite a while now I've been meaning to put together a project to control the Hot water heating remotely from my phone, I all ready have a 2nd generation Nest to control the heating but don't fancy spending the money for the 3rd generation just to add the water heating function.
I started with the plan to use a Wemos D1 Mini with a couple of the plug-in modules like a relay module, processor module and a button module all placed on the dual base PCB.

For those of you not familiar with the Wemos D1 you have to be aware of which pins the different modules use because the relay module uses D1 which also happens to be used for one the I2C pins so if you wanted to use the I2C OLED display module it would clash.  I decided to re-wire my relay pin to use D6 (GPIO12) as this is the default pin that the Sonoff / arendst software uses for the relay anyway.

Once the parts were assembled and the software flashed (the button module happens to be the flash button as well)

The idea was to…