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Monitoring Data with the Arduino and ThingSpeak

In conjunction with my last post I thought I would monitor my hot water tank to track the temperature variations throughout the day, mainly to use the temp change to identify when someone has taken a shower and judge the need to heat the water up so there is some left for bed time (this will be done automatically by the Arduino code).

First I searched around for a free cloud data storage solution, I'd used Pachube/COSM previously but COSM had changed hands again and I found it was always a bit unreliable for me anyway.

I tried first of all but found it quite difficult to get the UNO working with the code on offer and the help information was a bit of a mismatch with sample code not being up-to date with the latest API, having said that the forum was well supported and I got quick answers to my questions.  The main problem is that when I got it working my data on the graph contained random values which made the chart useless, I thoroughly checked the values that I was p…

Central heating control using SMS and the Arduino

One of the things I set out to do after discovering the world of Arduino was to make myself a clever controller for my central heating but, not unusually for me, my focus wandered here and there finding new and probably easier things do do with all these little gadjets.

I got back into air rifles which meant most of the blog, over the last few months, has been full of my various versions of a chronograph! I've tried loads of different displays and even Bluetooth to get the speed of the pellet to my phone.

Anyway, the weather turned cold again and thoughts drifted toward the central heating again but this time something a bit simpler, something to switch the heating or water on for a period of time without leaving the comfort of my arm chair.... yes I'm that lazy.

I'd dabbled with the 868MHz RF links, Bluetooth links but after coming across a post on I found a source for a cheap GSM modem.

My original thoughts were to bow to the latest fashion of "…