Monday, 4 February 2008

Xbox USB port Details

After dismantling your Xbox and removing the hard drive assy. you should be able to see two of the controller port, 3 and 4, remove the two screws holding it in place, disconnect the connecter from the motherboard and pull out the whole assy.

Once the Assy has been removed you can prise off the metal covering from one of the ports, this will allow access to the wiring.

At this point you can solder the USB connector on to the existing wires if you want only have the USB connector temporarily or use a long cable and feed it out the back.

I decided to permenantley replace the port with a USB interface as I planned to use XBMC and I would like to play stuff from a USB stick.

I cut away the port 4 connector and used a hot melt glue gun to fix the new USB connector in its place.

Once completed you just reassemble the XBOX and then you can softmod the unit using your USB memory stick to load the gamesaves.

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