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Arduino and Pachube

I've not played with the Arduino for some time but this weekend I dusted it off and decided to have go at getting it logging some data and uploading it to Pachube.
This was due mainly to a conversation at work, extolling the virtues of the Arduino and how simple it was to connect to the internet.

So after getting the hardware out of the box and overcoming all the library related issues with using the newer Arduino 1.00 instead of 022 I started to look for some code to use as the basis of my little project.

Firstly I found the Pachube example from the Arduino website here, this sketch gives you all the basics to upload a data stream to Pachube.

The code has sections at the top to setup your access information to Pachube so first you need to get an account with Pachube, it's free for a basic account.

#define APIKEY         "YOUR API KEY GOES HERE" // replace your pachube api key here
#define FEEDID         00000 // replace your feed ID

Visit www.pachube.c…