Saturday, 20 April 2013

Chronograph - Part 5

Here are the various files etc. if you want to make your own Chronograph.

Rar file with the files required to make the PCB using are here

A copy of the sketch I'm currently using with my PCB is here, please note it's definitely a work in progress, use at your own risk.

Please note that the connections to the LCD are not the standard ones, I have changed them to suit my PCB requirements.

Items needed
8x2 LCD (16x2 can be used, just modify the code to suit) from here
5V Step-up converter from here
Arduino Mini Pro clone from here (check the pin out is the same prior to buying)
Switches from here

Circuit diagram



Cristian Novelli said...

Hi, with what compile the program and then converted into hex file ?

Gadjet said...

Hi Cristian,
Download the free Arduino IDE from and paste in the code (.ino file) then program your Arduino hardware directly over USB.

There's plenty of instructions on the Arduino website.

Cristian Novelli said...

I wanted to turn it into hex files to try Teensy ++ 2.0 . Some help ?

Gadjet said...

I don't know anything about the teensy but you can install the Teensyduino add-on for the Arduino IDE and write Arduino sketches for Teensy!

Google it or look on the Arduino or Teensy forums I'm sure there will be information on the Teensystudio.

Hope that helps

Cristian Novelli said...

It works !!!!! The problem that makes no calculations enough for a weapon to be 180 m/s with the sensors at 15 cm distance . But with two buttons it works !!! I modified the Sketch with measures m/s and J .

Gadjet said...

Glad you got it working but I'm not sure what you mean by "makes no calculations" but works with buttons.

What are you using for sensors?
Are they each side of an opaque tube?
How far apart are the emitter an detector from each other?
Do you have an oscilloscope to monitor the trigger input(s).

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