Sunday, 17 February 2013

Chronograph part 2

Having sorted out most of the code and my tube having arrived from Ebay, I started to work out the mechanics of the sensors.  I decided to mount the emitter /sensors 4 inches apart on an aluminium tube, the internal diameter big enough so that it would slide an inch over the end of my air rifle barrel.

Because the emitters and sensors are side looking I decided to drill small holes only just bigger than the small lenses and secure them to the tube using some heat shrinkable tubing.

Section cut from Google sketchup
Once the whole thing is complete I intend to place the whole length in a piece of heat shrink.

I used some Veroboard to mount the sensors and I'll use the copper tracks to feed all the power and signals, I should be able to use a 4 core cable, VCC, GND, output1 and output 2.
Sensors secured to tube with heat shrink tubing
My plan is to use the cable to feed the signals into a Jeenode with display first and then later, if all works well, add a Arduino nano and RFM12B breakout PCB to the tube and transmit the data wirelessly.

That's all for now.

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