Saturday, 29 September 2012

My Alternate Jeenode

The Processor board for my shields arrived this morning and I've finished assembling the parts and tested the GLCD, RFM12B and the SD Card socket.

One of the main reasons behind this PCB is so I can have a driver for the Jeelabs GLCD that is physically smaller than the GLCD PCB and will be easier to mount in an enclosure but now all sorts of ideas are now springing forth!

This is the first time I've used a few SMD components, I'm using the 1206 size because I can just about manage them without too much eye strain.

So far I've tested the GLCD, RFM12B and SD card reader and all seems OK so far.

Eagle Files for PCB are here.

Top view
Bottom View

Screen grab of SD card info sketch.

So far so good, all going to plan.


Chris said...

That looks really good.. Would you be able to name your PCB manufacturer? I'm making an Arduino based monitoring system for my RC car and want to get some PCBs manufactured in as low volume as possible.

Gadjet said...

Have a read of this post, it has a link to the PCB supplier I use.

pcb design said...

Wow, thanks, your idea helps me a lot

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