Wednesday, 1 August 2012

All in one Arduino Prototyping solution

I've been interested in the open HW/SW platform "Arduino" for some time now, it has re-ignited my interest in electronics, which hasn't been at the forefront of my hobbies for some time.
My main interest lay in the area of computers and software but with the discovery of the Arduino platform I was able to merge the two together.

I've bought a few pieces of hardware from various sources and  had a dabble at making my own hardware (mainly copied  based from what others have already done).

Anyway I decided I needed a project of my own to get my teeth into, I wanted to learn how to use the Eagle schematic capture and PCB layout software and after discovering Seeedstudio and their very keenly priced PCB manufacture, I decided to make a general purpose PCB that would allow me to tinker with both the ATMega 328 and the ATtiny84 processors along with various extras.

This board isn't aimed at a final solution but more an electronics breadboard much like the old Tandy electronics kits I used to play with many, many years ago.

Basic Features

  • Independent ATMega328p and ATtiny84 on the board
  • Each having its own RFM12B and ISP programming connector.
  • Twin power supplies, 5V and 3.3V with the option of using a CR2032.
  • A series resistor option for measuring supply current, jumpered out if not required.
  • A prototyping area.
  • A 4 port layout like the Jeenode (so I can plug in my GLCD).
  • A RTC (DS1307 3.3V)
  • Two I2C ports connected to the 328P with 5V and 3.3V (should work with Jeelabs plugs)
  • FTDI connector (328p)
I've not ordered the PCBs yet as I'm fine tuning the board still but should be doing it in the next week or so.

Comments welcome.

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