Thursday, 19 July 2012

Multi purpose ATtiny84 PCB

Thanks to stumbling across a couple of ATtiny84 blogs here and here  I was inspired to create my own PCBs for an ATtiny84 chip.

The biggest inspiration was the link to an extremely cheap site for the production of PCBs, in fact 10 off 5cm x 5cm only cost $13 inc. postage.  Ten PCBs for a tenner, Fantastic. Link

I used the Eagle files from Nathans site and modified them to suit my requirements by adding the connections for an SD card, a CR2032 battery holder, 2 extra DS18B20 probes and an LDR, both the DS1820s and LDR have switched power supply using an output pin. (idea from Martin's corner of the web)

The finished PCBs arrived today and they look pretty good.

I'll build one up later next week and get programming.

My next PCB is an add on board for my USBtiny ISP programmer so I can program a 328P, ATtiny84 or ATtiny85.

If anyone wants the eagle files for the PCB below then just let me know in the comments.



OOPS! noticed that the labels for the VCC, VCC1 and GND, GND1 are swapped over, the top pair are actually VCC and the lower pair are actually Grounds

3D rendering in Google Sketch up

Actual finished PCBs

Here is a link to the files.


Anonymous said...

This PCB is interesting. Please publish link for download eagle files. Thanks George

Gadjet said...

I will update the blog post later today with a link to the files.

I will link to the files for version 2, without the need to cut the track.

Gadjet said...

Files added to the post.

Ignore my comment about cutting a track, I was confused with another PCB.

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