Thursday, 19 May 2016

Updated PC software for the DIY Chrono (and Combro)

Just a quick update for anyone that has tried the PC software application for my DIY Chrono before, I've re-worked it a bit and changed the layout and moved the settings to a separate screen.

Also now I've fixed the Combro option not working so it should now report the correct values, if not please let me know as I don't own a Combro ..... the whole point in making my own.

Some Screen shots ...

Main screen interface
The main screen shows all the shot details in FPS and M/S along with a min FPS, max FPS and a Delta FPS.
On the right there is a list that adds each shot's data to a row so you can see the history.
At the bottom is a chart section that, if the checkbox is checked, shows the data graphically, there is a tab for FPS and one for energy.
You can also select the option to store the shot data to a file on the PC, the path is set automatically but you can type in your own.  The data is stored as a CSV file and can be opened by excel and used to create a graph.

Settings screen
The settings screen is self explanatory, I hope, change the settings and they are stored for next time, the pellet data etc. is stored in the CSV file as well.  If you have a Combro then tick the checkbox and the software should work for you as well
Here you can set the PC to make a noise
You can set the PC to give you an audible warning every 'n' shots, this is good for knowing when you fired your last shot and you're not looking at the screen, the other check box resets the shot count after the beep.

You can download the file from here unpack the rar file and run the setup to install.

Comments and feedback always welcome and if you like buy me a pint with the donate button.

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