Monday, 23 September 2013

Microduino OLED Display

Having read about the Microduino on Kickstarter I thought it looked familiar and tracked down where I'd seen it before, on a website unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a dispute between Hobbycomponents and the Microduino people so they aren't selling them any more.

They are offering you the chance to win one though because they've got loads of stock left.

Anyway I was lucky enough to get one of the OLED LCD displays before they stopped selling them, that's the reason for the post in the first place.

The display looked like a good display for a reasonable price and I liked the promise of really good contrast and low power consumption when compared to other non OLED illuminated displays.

The display uses I2C to communicate with the Arduino so not many pins required to drive it and I really like the fact that it has some good solid mounting holes on it, so many displays out there seem to forget this requirement.

The first thing I needed was a library to get it up and working and  tried a couple before I found one that worked, the library covers a vast number of LCD controllers and allows the use of loads of different fonts.

The library can be found here

The library does use a chunk of available flash memory but there's still some left over for your code but you might struggle if it's a huge application, I believe there are other libraries out there and they may use less resources.

Using the examples available and after adding the library you'll need to un-comment the line for this display relevant to your display, I used this one: -

U8GLIB_SSD1306_128X64 u8g(U8G_I2C_OPT_NONE); // HW SPI Com: CS = 10, A0 = 9 (Hardware Pins are  SCK = 13 and MOSI = 11)

A modified version of the hello world example with a simulation of what the Chronograph display would look like can be downloaded here.

I really like the look of these OLED displays and I've found another one on ebay I like
It's an OLED version of the classic 1602 LCD, now I'm just waiting for the postman to get here from China!


Anonymous said...

Looks greate !

Can You support the link for this OLED?

I am looking for exactly the same thing.

Really cureous how it will work.

Anonymous said...

Thats greate - can you provide the link for this "classic" oled - i am looking for the exactly same thing.

thanks t.

Gadjet said...

They don't seem to sell them on Ebay anymore but here's a link to their site

Anonymous said...

The 16 pin multi-support module that's supposedly a drop in replacement for 1602 LCD modules (4 and 8 bit bus) is not as straight forward a replacement as HKwide would have you believe. Perhaps it's something to do with the RES and CS pins being tied low? HKwide provides no data on this particular display but I had assumed it was the same as Winstar's comapatible versions except for the extra 2 pins.

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