Saturday, 11 August 2012

328p / ATtiny84/85 Programming Adapter PCB

The Multi programming add-on PCB for my USBTiny programmer arrived today.

Just built one to test.

The ZIF socket came from HongKong via Ebay.

Just connect it to the ISP programming cable from the programmer, make sure the programmer can supply 5V and then you ca program your own boot loaders or sketches and use the Arduino IDE to program the ATtiny84s.

If you want the schematic or PCB files (Eagle CAD) let me know in the comments, also I have some surplus PCBs to requirements so if you want one then I may let some go a cost plus postage and packaging.

Link to the Eagle sch and brd files here.


jason said...


would like to have one of your adapter pcb. what would it be the cost to send it to Malta Europe.

otherwise can you provide schematics of the board.


Gadjet said...

I'll post a link in the blog article to the files on Dropbox but if you want I can post you a PCB, I'll need to look into the postage costs but I don't think it will be a lot as the PCB is ver light.

Eric Söderman said...


I am also intrested in the pcb. I am in sweden. Can you send me an emaill? My first nane at


Gadjet said...

Are you still interested in a PCB ?

Nate said...

Have you got any PCBs left? I would be keen on one if you would be willing to post to NZ? :)

Gadjet said...

I can send to NZ, I just need to find out postage costs, shouldn't be too much as it fits in an envelope. Can you add you email address in the comments, disguised of course, and then we can sort out the details.

Mariëlle said...

Is there still a PCB left?
Would like to receive one if still available.
Living in The Netherlands.

Kind regards,


Gadjet said...

I posted my email address for you on here, I removed it after a couple of days.
If you still want a PCB post another comment and I'll post my email address again but I don't want to leave it up for a long time even if it is disguised.

Mariëlle said...


Thought I just have send you an e-mail? Hmmm was using my gmail for this.

Will try again !

Adeel Mushtaq said...

Great Project! Do you think you could share the eagle files with me? I would love to build it.

Gadjet said...

The last sentence contains a link to the eagle files, doesn't it work?

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