Friday, 11 May 2012

Using Notepad++ as the editor for Arduino Sketches

I've started using Notepad++ again after a long break from programming my Arduinos and Jeenodes and found that you can use NPP to edit the .ino files and then use the NPPexec script to run the Arduino IDE and load the sketch, then you can just compile and upload.
To set this up follow the video below: -

Once you have the script
D:\My Documents\Downloads\arduino-1.0\arduino.exe "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

You can add it as a macro by pressing F6 and pasting it into the execute dialog and saving it.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks!!! Working great :) And one question: is there any chance that we can upload sketch into Arduino directly from Notepad++ interface via some macro?

Gadjet said...

Not as far as I'm aware, maybe it's possible to start the Arduino IDE with some command line parameters?

Gadjet said...

I've just seen that there is a Beta version of the IDE (1.5.2) the release notes mention "command line build" this may be what you need.

Just remember it's a Beta version though.

Daniel Varela said...

You can also use the 'Run' (F5) command:"C:\your_path_to\arduino.exe" "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)".
If you are interested I've made a NP++ file language to Arduino just contact me!

Gadjet said...

Yes please, I'm interested, my details are phil-the curly first letter then my user name then dot co dot uk.


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