Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Arduino Leonardo

Another board from Arduino.cc

Arduino have announced another micro-controller board based on a new ATmega32u4, this processor also takes care of the serial communications with the host PC negating the need for a separate serial to USB chip.
There are a few other differences between this board and the trusty UNO: -
  • A micro USB connector. At last!
  • The SPI bus on the ISP connector no-longer uses any IO pins.
  • The device will act as a USB keyboard or mouse to the host PC.
  • The board is available with or without the headers, without being slightly cheaper.
I looked at some UK suppliers but they were not showing availability until the 11th of June so it might be worth getting your pre-orders in now.

Also there is an update to the Arduino IDE available, this adds support for the Leonardo as well as multiple language support as well as other changes.

Download link here
Release notes here

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