Thursday, 19 May 2011

Really Really small Oscilloscope

I came across this post on the Jeelabs website and thought it was worth posting.
Dual Channel Oscilloscope and waveform generator
This thing is about the size of a 9V PP3 battery, based on an ATXMEGA32A4 processor with a 0.96" white OLED display it includes the functionality of a dual channel oscilloscope, multimeter, protocol sniffer and waveform generator.

It can be found here and there are some videos of it in operation here.

Multimeter mode
The firmware can be updated but it needs a special USB/programming cable and it will, in the future, be connectable to the PC and use PC based interface.

The waveform generator operates independently from the scope function so you can apply the signal to a filter circuit and watch the results on the scope.

It's also possible to write your own software and use it for other projects, there is one picture on the site showing it displaying temperature from a DS18B20.  I think this requires a special programmer though.

All for a price of $49, a bargain!

I don't know about availability in the UK but If anyone sees it for sale in the UK please make a comment.

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