Sunday, 8 May 2011

Jeenodes are here

At last my Jeenodes arrived and I started to programme them with some of the code I was using on the Arduino UNO to display temperatures from a DS18B20 on the LCD.

I was now using the I2C LCD interface from Jeelabs (LCD Plug) so I used the Demo LCD sketch from Jeelabs and modified it using the Dallas temperature library to read a DS18B20 conected to port 4.

Jeenode V6 with DS18B20 and I2C LCD

I have the Graphic board on order so I can use a large display and, using the code from Jeelabs, create a remote temp. sensing and control unit for my central heating control project.

The built in 868MHz Transciever will allow comm'.s back to the control unit in the airing cupboard.

Hopefully with the efforts made by Jeelabs to extend battery life I hope to get months of usage from a couple of AA batteries.

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