Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Arduino Project

Project layout - Click for larger image
This is the layout of my project so far, it includes a 4 line 20 character LCD, an DS1307 Real Time Clock module and a DS18B20 Digital temp. sensor.

The idea is to control my central heating with a bit more user friendliness so there is the LCD to display information and I'm also writing a PC programme to interface via the USB lead to the Uno, this will allow a graphical interface to set on/off times, temperature profiles based on time of day, outside temp., water temp. and room temp.

All this is quite far off at the moment but so far I've integrated SW from various sources to initialise and read the Temp sensor and RTC and drive the LCD.

Main Components
  • Firstly the Arduino Uno purchased from coolcomponents 
  • Temp Sensor - DS18B20
    This temp. sensor is slightly different than the ones I've used before, instead of it being an analogue sensor with so many mV per Degree C it is a digital device that coverts the temp to a digital value within the device and can be converted in code directly to a temp. reading.  There are a couple of other advantages to using this device, it can be used over a relatively long distance without any calibration issues and it can be used in two wire mode.  This also came from coolcomponents.
  • Real Time Clock - DS1307
    This module uses a RTC IC, two pull-ups and a 3V Lithium battery (which should last 10 years), this was sourced off Ebay.
  • 4x20 LCD - I had this in my box of parts but they can easily be found on Ebay.
Project so far
 More later .....

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