Saturday, 23 August 2008

Car Charger Problems

As the new Iphone 3G no longer uses the Firewire pins to charge, my existing in-car charger, I used for the ITouch, doesn't work so I had to buy a replacement.

I looked on ebay first but even though they were cheap I thought I would look for a well known make for a change after all I'd spent a lot of money on the Iphone.

I went into the O2 shop to see what they had and came out with a nice looking xtremeMac car charger for £14.99, it looked good and was nice and slim.

I tried it and it charged my Iphone no problem, job done...... or so I thought!
The next day I was driving along listening to the radio and I was getting quite a lot of interference which was not normal, I soon realised that the interference was only present whilst the Iphone was charging.
On further investigation I proved that the source of the interference was the new charger.

I took back the charger and got a refund and I was going to get a Griffin Powerjolt from Carphonewarehouse but as I passed Halfords I noticed they sold the Griffin Powerjolt and it was only £9.99 instead of the £14.99 Carphonewarehouse wanted.
The Griffin Powerjolt works a treat and no interference and you even get another USB to mini A cable to add to the collection.

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