Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A few days with the ipod touch

Well after a few days with the Ipod Touch I 've really started to like it even more, I've now installed a good ebook reader which allows me to read my existing Ebooks.

The application 'Books' is not a highly polished piece of software but after the hard work getting the book from a .lit file on my PC to a HTML file on the Ipod (about 1 hr) the actual reading experience is really good, much better than MSreader on my PDA.

The steps were: -
1. convert the lit file to html using a free converter "ABC amber lit converter"
2. Remove all the
tags using search and replace.

3. Separating the whole book into chapters which speeds up the book loading, this can take 1/2 hour for a big book.
4. Get the files onto the Ipod using the Ibrickr programme.

All this was achieved an a knock down cost of £0.00.

As I've said before I don't know why Apple are not exploiting the fantastic abilities of their device, maybe they plan to in the future.....

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